Matterport PRO3 Bundle

SKU: MC3001-X
With the Pro3 Acceleration Kit, our fastest and most accurate LiDAR camera is just the beginning.
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In addition to the camera, battery, charger, and quick-release head, the kit
● 10 Matterport E57 point clouds to help you complete large projects quickly (an
$890 value)
● 10 Matterpaks that enable you to extract floor plans, point clouds files, and OBJ
file from each digital twin ($500 value)
● A second battery so that you can keep scanning all day
● A tripod, wheeled dolly, and hard case to make large spaces easier to scan
● A three-year warranty to put your mind at ease ($2000 value)
● We even thought to include door stops

Download the PRO3 Brochure