Don't get caught with your printer down.

Support Services Support Services

Whatever printing equipment you rely on, you never want to find yourself in a position without access to it or having to wrestle with cryptic error messages. Our professional technicians provide a fast resolution to service issues, and can help get ahead of potential larger concerns before they disrupt business.

Your trust is important to us.

Our certified technicians are ready to help get you out of any printing jam.

“When I started my own architectural design practice back in January of 2004, Makepeace was one of the first calls I made and it’s one of the smartest things I did. They have serviced all my printing needs ever since. They are knowledgeable, responsive and always willing to help. I consider them a key part of my team.”
- Craig M.

Emergency Services

If you or your colleagues encounter a critical error with your printer, one of our factory-certified technicians will provide a swift solution to the situation. Call our support team at 800.835.0194, and we will have a mobile response unit at your office usually within a few hours.


In some instances, it’s less critical to have a repair team dispatched to your place of business. In these lower-priority situations, our service experts are always available by phone to assist with troubleshooting problems as they arise. Call our support team at 800.835.0194 for help.

Regular Maintenance

Just as you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, it’s also important to keep an eye on the overall health and functionality of your printers. With regular maintenance visits our technicians can ensure your equipment keeps running as it should. To set-up a regular maintenance schedule plan, call 800.835.0194 and arrange an appointment.

Annual Service Plan

Repairs can be costly without a warranty or contract. Be proactive, purchase one of our annual service agreements so you aren't blind-sided by a mistimed expense. Call our sales team at 800.835.0194 to request a quote.