Colortrac SmartLF SC 25 Express Scanner

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The new generation of SmartLF 25 Xpress series encompasses many innovative features that will help make your production scanning quicker and easier. With higher quality imaging, higher scanning speed and SuperSpeed data transfer, the SmartLF SC 25 Xpress provides fast, high quality scans or copies of wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents.

THREE versions available:

  • SC 25m Monochrome Xpresscaptures wide dynamic range of b&w photos & CAD drawings at speeds up to 13 ips
  • SC 25c Color Xpressadds wide color gamut scanning to the 25m with color scan speeds up to 6 ips
  • SC 25e Enhanced Color Xpress adds enhanced wide color gamut scanning at speeds up to 12 ips


  • 200% improvement of scan speeds at 200 dpi and 300 dpi
  • Single Sensor: Unique Colortrac CIS modules
  • FireFly: SuperSpeed USB3
  • ClearView Innovative Dual LED lighting
  • WinSync Optimised Windows driver technology
  • ScanOnce Efficient scanning and copying workflow
  • SureDrive Single driven media pressure roller

 Download the LF-SC25 Brochure