Your time is valuable, and we recognize that.

We'll help you make the most of it.

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to fully understand your needs - building a relationship that goes beyond the sale.

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With our NO high-pressure sales tactics, you won’t feel emotionally bullied into buying a printer or service you don’t need.


Knowing you are well informed of all your options and getting the best product or service for your printing and scanning needs.


You’re important to us, and our relationship doesn’t end when you make a purchase. You can trust us to assist you with any future printing and scanning needs you have.


We want to make sure that you get exactly what you need and expect when you buy a product or service from us. You'll feel confident, knowing we can provide for all your printing and scanning requirements.
“The Flett Company has been a customer of Makepeace since 1953. Honestly, I could not name a finer company. They have always sold us EXACTLY the printing products and services we need and have serviced them well, although very infrequently. Good products, great company with real people!”

- Alex C.

“Makepeace has been our [Museum of Science] large scale graphics vendor for over a decade and for good reason! They anticipate and accommodate our needs (even the rush or out-of-the-box ones), provide consistently top quality product and customer service, and always deliver by every definition of that word. We call their staff “the wizards” because they make magic happen for us time and time again!”

- Nicole G.

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Honesty, integrity, communication and excellent customer service are a rarity in retail today. Businesses are more interested in quickly improving their bottom line than taking time with their customers to find out what they really need. They usually employ hard-sell, misleading tactics to get customers to purchase a more expensive product or service that they don’t need. This leaves the customer frustrated and feeling taken advantage of - having wasted time and money in the end.

Have you experienced rep abandonment after purchasing an expensive piece of printing equipment? Or, found an inferior product, and lack of communication has left you with expensive signage or graphics that you can’t even use? Have you hired someone to scan your construction site and found that they’re not certified by OSHA to be on the site? Or, been handed back 3D scans that aren’t in the file format you requested, and now you have to spend time correcting or cleaning them up.

All of our team members are dedicated to making your experience of doing business with us both valuable and memorable. You’re important to us, not just today, but long after you’ve done business with us. We take the time to listen to you and understand your needs, so you can be confident knowing that we can help you the next time you need something.