Makepeace, a company whose history is both extensive and rich (first opening its doors in 1895) has remained a model of consistency throughout the years. Its corporate philosophy of providing unprecedented customer service and satisfaction to its core clients: the building industry (architects, engineers, contractors) and print clients (marketers, designers, and other large format visual creators) have never changed over the past 100 plus years. Another point of their consistency has been the Makepeace logo. Since 1895, there have been very few logo updates to the brand, so we thought it would be exciting to share our new logo design with you.

New Makepeace Logo

I'm sure as you take a look at our new logo, many questions will come to mind! Here are a few common questions people have asked that you might find insightful.

Where did the dove go?

While the dove has been the main focal point of the Makepeace logo for over 80 years, we felt that it no longer was a modern representation of the principles that we wanted to convey through the new logo design. The dove was a more literal interpretation of the Makepeace name than an image which expressed the appropriate brand message.

What's the deal with the circles?

The circles may seem ambiguous to many; however, there is a logical explanation behind the choice and arrangement of them.

Circles have no beginning or end, and express movement and longevity - a representation of Makepeace's history in the industry. They also stand for commitment and community - a nod to the importance of our client community at Makepeace and our commitment to them.

The smaller circle in the background symbolizes Makepeace's past while the larger one in the foreground symbolizes the present. The transparency of the overlapping circles represents openness and trust - which all our relationships at Makepeace are built on. The "M" angled up and off the circle's edge, represents movement towards the future. Makepeace has always prided itself on providing not only the best customer service but also being ahead of the curve when it comes to offering the most current equipment and services.

Why did you use the color blue?

Blue was retained as the primary color because it's associated with and reinforces trust and stability.

The original Makepeace blue was substituted with Archimedia's blue to express the visual message of community and relationship between our different brands.

While we may have a new look, our mission remains the same; commitment to the relationships of our community of existing and potential clients, through integrity, fairness, and kindness. This has long been a part of the Makepeace culture and was the focal point, along with the impressive history that Makepeace possesses when we were redesigning our logo.

B.L. Makepeace Truck

Makepeace Logo c.1940s

Makepeace Logo c.2000s

Makepeace Logo c.2016